bent leg kickbacks Muscles Worked

Bent leg kickbacks are a total body exercise, but they primarily work the glutes and hamstrings. Strengthening these posterior chain muscle groups is helpful for many functional tasks like incline walking, walking upstairs, and running or sprinting.

Diagram of primary and secondary muscles worked from Bent leg kickbacks

Muscles Targeted

Primary Muscles

Glutes Hamstrings

Secondary Muscles

Shoulders Abs

How to do Bent leg kickbacks

Begin in a quadruped position on all fours with your hands directly under your shoulders and your knees directly under your hips. Look down at the ground so that your neck is in neutral. Engage your abdominals by pulling your belly button toward your spine to keep the spine in neutral.

Lift one knee up off the ground an inch and flex the foot. Then, press your heel straight up toward the ceiling while keeping the leg bent at 90-degrees. Raise that leg until the thigh is parallel to the ground. Be sure to engage your core to keep the hips levels instead of rotated.

Repeat for the desired repetitions, on both legs.


Animation of how to do Bent leg kickbacks