pelvic tilts Muscles Worked

Pelvic tilts are a foundational core exercise that work the abdominal muscles. The pelvis can assume three positions: anterior tilt, neutral, or posterior tilt. In a relaxed position, this would be called neutral (for most people). For this exercise, you’ll learn how to posteriorly tilt the pelvis in order to shorten the abdominal muscles.

Diagram of primary and secondary muscles worked from Pelvic tilts

Muscles Targeted

Primary Muscles


Secondary Muscles

Glutes Hamstrings

How to do Pelvic tilts

Begin lying on your back with your legs bent at 90-degrees and feet flat on the floor hip distance apart. Arms can be down at your sides with the head resting on the ground.

Slide one or both hands under your low back to feel for a tiny space between your low back and the floor and be sure you’re in neutral first.

Then, tilt your pelvis up and in toward your lower ribs as you pull your belly button toward your spine. Flatten your low back into your hand(s) or the ground below as much as you can. Keep your head relaxed.

Then, relax the abs as you return to the neutral pelvic position, allowing space under your low back again.

Repeat for the desired repetitions.


Animation of how to do Pelvic tilts