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plank arm lifts

Plank arm lifts are a core and shoulder exercise that also challenge stability. Since you’ll only be raising one arm at a time, you have to work hard to avoid any twisting or rotation in the shoulders or hips which will require the help of the core muscles.

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Which Muscles Are Worked?

Diagram of primary and secondary muscles worked from Plank arm lifts

Primary Muscles

Shoulders Abs

Secondary Muscles

Traps Glutes

Exercise Type

Bodyweight icon

How to do plank arm lifts Properly

Step by Step Guide

Begin in a high plank position on your hands and feet with the hands directly under the shoulders. Be on your toes with the feet hip distance apart. Have your spine in a straight line from head-to-toe.

Lift one arm straight forward with the thumb up until it is in line with the rest of your body. Be sure to maintain a neutral spine and avoid any twisting in the rest of your body.

Then, lower that hand back down to the ground.

Repeat for the desired repetitions, alternating arms.

Common Mistakes

A common mistake is allowing the back to arch. Instead, focus on keeping the spine in its neutral curvature. Pull the belly button up toward the spine to engage the abs and avoid lower back arching. Then as you raise an arm, squeeze the glutes to avoid any hip rotation.


Animation of how to do Plank arm lifts