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neck extension stretch

The muscles at the front of the neck are often weak and should be strengthened. And on occasion, they are tight perhaps due to jaw pain or overworking them. So a stretch to those muscles may reduce tension. However, it must be done carefully to not cause occlusion of the vertebral arteries.

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Which Muscles Are Worked?

Diagram of primary and secondary muscles worked from Neck extension stretch

Primary Muscles


Secondary Muscles

Exercise Type

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How to do neck extension stretch Properly

Step by Step Guide

Begin standing with the feet hip distance apart with the hands clasped behind you and arms straight.

For 5-seconds only, tip the head straight back until you feel a stretch at the front of the neck.

Then tilt the head forward back to its normal resting position.

Repeat for the desired reps.

Common Mistakes

A common mistake is holding this stretch for too long which can be dangerous and occlude blood flow to the brain. So instead, do only 5-second holds and relax. Do not continue this exercise if you feel dizzy or disoriented.


Animation of how to do Neck extension stretch