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hawaiian squats

Hawaiian squats are a lower body squat pattern exercise that primarily target the quadriceps. They’re a more advanced single-leg exercise that also requires balance and stability from the knee and ankle, so they’re very functional for many sports.

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Which Muscles Are Worked?

Diagram of primary and secondary muscles worked from Hawaiian squats

Primary Muscles

Quads Hamstrings Glutes

Secondary Muscles

Abs Inner Thighs

Exercise Type

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How to do hawaiian squats Properly

Step by Step Guide

Begin standing with the feet together and your arms down at your sides.

Shift all your weight into one leg as this will be your working leg. With the other leg, lift it up off the ground and cross it over the working leg in a figure-four position.

Now perform a squat on your one working leg as you lower the hips down and back. At the same time, reach straight arms forward until they are parallel to the ground. Squat down until the hips are below the knees (if possible).

Then, stand back up as you straighten the working leg completely and lower the arms to your sides.

Repeat for the desired repetitions, on both legs.

Common Mistakes

A common mistake is squatting straight down instead of sitting back into the squat. Pretend as if you’re sitting onto a chair behind you and shift the weight into your heels to more evenly strengthen your entire lower body. If you struggle with balance, you can perform this near a wall to hold onto.


Animation of how to do Hawaiian squats