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floor hyperextensions

Floor hyperextensions work your entire back side which is called the posterior chain. Since many people sit at a desk all day, they tend to get short and tight muscles in the front (anterior chain) and weak muscles in the posterior chain, so this is a great exercise to strengthen the backside.

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Which Muscles Are Worked?

Diagram of primary and secondary muscles worked from Floor hyperextensions

Secondary Muscles

Hamstrings Abs

Exercise Type

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How to do floor hyperextensions Properly

Step by Step Guide

Begin lying face down on the ground with your arms overhead and straight, palms down, and legs straight behind you.

All at once, lift your head, arms, and legs up off the ground while keeping both the arms and legs completely straight. Keep your gaze down at the ground to maintain a neutral spine in the neck.

Then, lower everything back down at the same time.

Repeat for the desired repetitions.

Common Mistakes

A common mistake is looking up at the ceiling. This will hyperextend the neck. Instead, keep your gaze down at the ground and focus on the extension coming from the arms and legs.


Animation of how to do Floor hyperextensions